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English Partnerships has today announced an investment of almost £66,000 towards a regeneration scheme in Hastings, East Sussex. A dilapidated former restaurant has been purchased and refurbishment work is currently underway to provide a community resource centre, workshop and training units together with new headquarters for the Hastings Trust. Once completed.

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The 4 storey building lies within Hastings’ town centre conservation area, and forms part of a late Victorian terrace situated between the sea and the town centre, Hastings falls within a priority area for English Partnerships and the Government has also targeted Hastings as a priority area through Intermediate Assisted Area status.

The finished scheme will become the home of the Hastings Trust, a member of the Development Trusts Association, dedicated to the regeneration of Hastings. The building will provide a base for unemployed individuals to learn skills which can then be put to good use by assisting in the upkeep of many of Hastings’ older buildings.

Since 1990, the Hastings Trust has been responsible for a wide range of physical improvements to the town’s urban fabric and its work has been recognised by English Partnerships and other organisations as being vital to the area.

property valuation process on your house

If you want to live in the more usable and attractive house then in that case you have to conduct the property valuation process on your house. Doing the property valuation process involves many steps to be performed and make the process complete. Nelson city councilors will tomorrow consider putting millions of dollars worth of forestry up for sale. A report prepared for the council’s finance and administration committee meeting recommends that the council agrees in principle to sell cutting rights or the land and trees in commercial forests in the Brook, Maitai, Marsden and Roding catchments, providing they have no strategic, cultural, heritage or recreational values.

The report suggests that 198ha of a total 752ha in those blocks be retained the sale of cutting rights only would apply to 310ha and the remaining 244ha be sold outright. the report makes no mention of what figure the proposed sale might net the council.

Asset management divisional manager Ian Wheeler said there was no short answer to that question It depended on what combination of ownership options the council decided to pursue. things such as keeping the land but selling the cutting rights or the age of the trees would all affect the value, he said.

A 2001 valuation of the council’s tree crops in the 752ha puts their combined value at $5.082 million, although Mr. Wheeler said this valuation was for fire insurance purposes only. The market price is different again.

Plans have been unveiled for a new visitor information centre complex in Nelson worth about $2.5 million they provide for a new information centre, Latitude Nelson offices, retail and office space and a café and public amenities to be built on Millers Acre.

The Nelson City Council’s finance and administration committee tomorrow will be asked to recommend that the full council endorse the design concept, which includes closing one end of Ajax Ave and allowing the development to extend to the Maitai River.