Is everything to be carried out as per the requirement of the people?

An extension of the central line to Harlow, and even as far as Stansted, is a transport investment ‘well-worth examining’, the study suggests. It also claims that strong intervention would be needed to bring about the levels of inward investment needed to sustain housing growth in Harlow and Peterborough. John Reynolds, chair of the East of England Regional Assembly’s planning panel, said the assembly would be looking ‘particularly closely’ at the government’s response to its spending review bid, to be sure that resources will be available for essential infrastructure in advance of development. Poorer areas in England and Wales are more likely to be hit by flooding than affluent places, according to research by the University of Surrey. In the Thames region, the lowest social classes and the unemployed were at the most risk of flooding, while the top classes were the least likely to be affected.

Using geographical statistical techniques the team found similar inequalities throughout England and Wales. The research team divided England and Wales into 200m2 units and set them against census information on social class. Dr Fielding said: ‘It has always been a challenge for researchers to physically show on a map which groups of people are vulnerable to flooding. We believe the sophisticated statistical techniques we have used using population grids has successfully captured those households at risk within the floodplains.

The findings come as a committee of MPs published a damning report claiming that the government’s climate change strategy is ‘seriously off course’. Communities voicing fears about the impact of migration should be listened to, rather than simply dismissed as ‘racist’, ministers have been told. A Home Office commissioned report into community cohesion says concerns expressed by disadvantaged communities about inward migration are often motivated by the increased pressure on public services, rather than a fear of difference.

The report, which contains the final findings of a team looking into the causes of disturbances in three northern towns in 2001, says the government must offer more support to communities receiving migrants. Housing and education allocations should be increased from the outset, ‘rather than through regeneration and other programmes some time after the event Ð and after tensions have developed. The report recommends that the government’s policy of ‘managed migration’ should be supported by ‘managed settlement’. Conditions should be attached to funding streams to ensure departments outside the Home Office integrate community cohesion and equality, or at least do not undermine them. Read more : West Coast Valuers