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‘m not saying we can accomplish this, but we’re certainly going to try, he said.Fowler didn’t mention any other initiative to increase building permits, such as economic development.He said later that the city is working with a couple of companies now, but he declined to identify them.The biggest thing the city could do is be accommodating and responsible to developers and builders so Valuations QLD  they feel like it’s easy to do business in Decatur, said Fowler, who met later with Building Department Director Jimmy Brothers to discuss the initiative.We realize time is money when it comes to construction.

Fowler added, though, that he doesn’t want the Building Department to sacrifice the health, safety and welfare of citizens by not requiring developers to meet building and safety codes.Fowler said geography limits home construction in Decatur and the school desegregation suit prevents construction of new schools that could attract families.Fowler said he hopes the desegregation suit will end this year and allow new construction or upgrades to schools that can draw families with children.An increase in housing permits could help reverse a population decline in the city from 2001 to 2002.

Decatur’s population dropped from 53,973 to 53,941, while the population in Athens, Hartselle and Priceville saw slight increases.Discussing other projects, Fowler said he continues to pursue development along the Alabama 20 corridor between U.S.31 and Interstate 65.A $9 million incentive package hasn’t been taken off the table, Fowler said.Although sports team owner Art Clarkson’s effort to develop an arena and sports complex apparently failed,

Fowler said he continues to hope Clarkson can put a deal together, and he continues to work with landowners and developers on other possible plans.Fowler said U.S.Rep.Bud Cramer, D-Huntsville, and Rep.Robert Aderholt, R-Haleyville, continue to pursue funding to extend the I-565 spur that now runs east to Huntsville back toward Decatur in order to keep traffic flowing along the busy corridor.