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It identifies a number of recommendations designed to maintain the size of the teaching force required to meet the demands of the future. More attention has been paid to teachers, their concerns and teacher shortages at both a national and local level during the past few years and not before time. The well being of schools, their staff and ultimately our children depends on descent levels of support as well as funding. It is a priority for LEAse to monitor and enhance the support networks that teachers, heads and governors rely on in both recruitment and retention.

Members of the Panel considered a number of issues, including reports from the Treasury on Ill Health Retirement and from PricewaterhouseCooper on teachers’ workloads, as well as the recent OFSTED report on Cornwall LEA. The Inspectors also noted, however, that Cornwall has a higher than average number of teachers in the last quarter of their careers and that recruitment pressures are growing in Cornish schools. Members of the Panel concluded that the LEA is already working successfully to promote recruitment of teachers, highlighting the work of the Recruitment Strategy Team in continuing to promote Cornwall as an attractive place for teachers to live and work. click here to visit the website : Sydney Property Valuers

The report also concludes that Cornwall is ahead of other LEAs in its support for schools’ retention of teachers but that the LEA recognises the need to be proactive and to continue to support teachers. The report puts forward a number of recommendations to the Executive covering the areas of recruitment, retention and support for schools, particularly small schools.

Through this review of recruitment and retention the County Council will do all it can to promote teaching as a career and Cornwall as a place that cares about its teaching force and an ideal place for teachers at all stages of their careers. I hope these recommendations, if implemented, will contribute to the valuing our headteachers, teachers and teaching assistants more in real terms. They stressed the need for members of the public to be involved in the development of the two schemes. There are a number of issues to resolve and these will be examined through locally held community workshops.